Navy Regional Private Sector Workload Charts

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PDF_icon 30 APR 2018 (FY19 CH-3) Promulgation Letter

PDF_iconFY19 -CH-3 NSIs Work Package

PDF_iconFY19 CH-2 Promulgation Letter

PDF_iconFY19 CH-2 Standard Items

PDF_icon FY19 CH-1 Promulgation Letter 

PDF_iconFY19 CH-1 Standard Items

PDF_icon Morning INDP Brief

PDF_icon Afternoon Leadership Meeting Brief

PDF_icon 099-001NW General Occupational Safety and Health requirements for BNC FY17

PDF_icon  099-002NW Environmental Protection Requirements For BNC FY17

PDF_icon  099-03NW Contractor Air Pollution Control and Reporting Requirements FY17 

PDF_icon  099-04NW Contractor HAZMAT Requirements For BNC FY17

PDF_icon  099-005NW General Contractor Water Pollution and Spill Prevention Req FY17

PDF_icon  099-006NW General Contractor Waste Management Requirements for BNC FY17

PDF_icon  099-007NW General Contractor Solid Waste Management Requirements FY17

PDF_iconUSCG Marine Safety Manual – Volume II: Material Inspection

PDF_iconUSCG Safety & Environmental Health Manual

PDF_iconCNRMC Port Loading Workload FY16-19

PDF_icon   Industry Day Discussion Panel Presentation

PDF_iconSurface Ship Maintenance and Modernization Contracting Strategy Presentation

PDF_icon Process Improvements Presentation

PDF_icon Release Letter from NAVSEA Standard Items