Mission Statement

PSSRA mission statement is “to meet the needs of our customers by the repair and modernization of Navy ships through a unified public/private partnership.

The PSSRA serves the diversified needs of its members, including large and small ABR’s, AIT’s and shipyards, as well as industry related suppliers, subcontractors and professionals regarding issues, challenges and opportunities facing the ship repair industry in the region.

Mission Goals

  • Develop, prioritize, and maintain a definitive list of issues to focus PSSRA efforts within the region.
  • Develop a strategy for partnering with the other ports & ship repair associations.
  • To be the single point of communication and the proactive voice of the ship repair industry throughout the region.
  • To strengthen our Association’s partnership with customers in the ship repair industry.
  • To be a valuable source of information and education for our members, the public, Government and regulatory agencies.
  • Host ship repair industry related group meetings and seminars.
  • Establish and maintain effective forums and methods to collaborate with customers on issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the ship repair industry.
  • Actively participate in customer-sponsored events, teams, committees, and meetings that support PSSRA goals.
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