Member Spotlight – Global Coatings LLC

Whether you want to update your coating or take preventative measures to avoid corrosion, Global Coatings provides the services you need. We work with experienced professionals in all specialties and trades to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. Along with the following services we also offer mobile preservation team services.

Global Coatings has proudly Coated the American Coastlines for over 30 years. From Virginia to Florida, California to Hawaii we’re ready to give Puget Sound the fresh coat you deserve! Serving Kitsap County, Seattle and all the Pacific Northwest Global Coatings takes pride not just in our work as Kitsap Counties premier Blasters and Coaters, but as Washingtonians as well. They will always take time to work with locals and their businesses to give you a personal, warm and genuine experience every time ! They don’t just care about costs and image, they care about doing the best job they can and making you not just a proud customer, but a part of their growing family of clients, vendors and employees!

Contact Info:
Phone: (360) 671-1514
Address: 316 North Callow Ave
Bremerton, WA 98312

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