Member Spotlight – Global Government Services

Global is a woman-owned small business with an organizational infrastructure comparable to that of a well-established medium size business. We have the legacy of performing operation and maintenance services on Federal Contracts since 1963. Our corporate headquarters is based in Newport Beach CA with satellite operational offices in Cocoa Beach FL, Philadelphia PA, and Washington DC.

Global has diversified into various service areas which include the following: operation and maintenance, ships husbandry, vessel caretaking, emergency response, management of worldwide equipment inventory, property control and warehousing, airfield operations and maintenance, environmental response, civil engineering support, logistics, education and training. In addition, we provide expertise in professional administrative services in the areas of talent acquisition, risk management, and continuous process improvement in the spirit of “lean” operations. Unlike many small businesses, Global has the unique ability to reach back into the company organization for a variety of skill sets from Base Operations Support Services, Environmental Management Services, and a wide array of IT disciplines.

Global runs the Navy’s Inactive Ship Maintenance sites in Philadelphia, Pearl Harbor, and Bremerton.  Global has approximately 250 employees across the three contract sites.  In support of the Inactive Ship sites, Global provides worldwide logistics support to the active fleet through Causality Assistance Support and Equipment Removal Requests, as well as our NAVSEA customer and the Navy Supply System. Each site maintains a detailed inventory of available equipment on stored vessels and provides planning and estimating services for equipment removal, packaging, and shipment.  Government Furnished Property and Equipment is maintained in a ready for use status and a complete inventory of all property, equipment, and material is accurately maintained at all times.

Global operates and maintains government furnished vehicles, workboats, barges, cranes, tools, and equipment and facilities.Through a partnership with PCCI, Inc.,  of Alexandria, VA.,  Global runs the NAVSEA Emergency Ship Salvage Material site in Williamsburg, VA.  The site provides worldwide emergency pollution response, operations support, and maintenance and repair of equipment.  This organization provided significant response to the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico, including deploying over 5000 km of containment boom in record time with no injuries.

Global Human Resource Outsourcing (GHRO) is a leader in providing outsourced HR services that help companies navigate risk, increase productivity and reduce the costs, complexities and administration burden related to employment.Our management team is specifically selected to bring a “best athlete” approach to the operational task areas at the best possible value and lowest cost. Our managerial approach is to focus on first pass quality while employing aggressive risk mitigation.

This approach has proven successful as reflected in our customer’s CPARS Evaluations and the recognition we received by our insurance underwriter as the 2014 mid-size shipyard Safety Award winner.  Our mature SOPs are time tested and continuously reviewed for currency and relevance.  Best business practices are employed at all times.  Our subcontractor relationships ensure immediate support for emergency or unscheduled support needs. Global’s flexible, creative, and focused approach to customer needs provides great value at low cost while exceeding expectations.

Contact Info:
Phone: (949) 797-2001
Address: 4695 MacArthur Ct.
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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