RELEASE OF FY 18 SSRAC Release Letter Update One

03 FEB 2017

From: Director, NAVSEA Standard Specification for Ship Repair and Alteration Committee (SSRAC)



  1. Per references (a) and (b) , the Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) NAVSEA Standard Items (NSI) and Volume VII Appendix 4-E, are available on the official SSRAC Web site at: http :// .mil/Home/RMC/CNRMC/ OurPrograms/SSRAC .asex
  2. The FY-18 Standard Items and Standard Phraseo1ogy shall be invoked in work items not yet planned for CNO avai1abilities with an availability start date in FY-18 and in all other (CMAV and emergent) new procurements issued after 01 March 2017. Work items that have been previously planned utilizing FY-17 Standard Items and Standard Phraseology, only need updated to reflect the FY-18 items that incorporate technical changes and/or are required by CNRMC.
  3. Requests for deviations from this requirement must be submitted in writing and routed to CNRMC (C200) for adjudication and approval. A separate deviation request must be submitted for each availability and must fully explain the reason (s) for the deviation (i.e., why deviation is required, how planning would be affected, how availability would be impacted, etc).
  4. SSRAC Coordinators are responsible for advising users within their respective activities, Master Ship Repa ir (MSR) Contractors and Agreement For Boat Repair (ABR) Contractors under their cognizance of the availability of these products .
  5. . The requirements of this letter do not authorize any changein terms, conditions, delivery schedule, price, or amount of any Government contract. In the event you consider the requirements represent a change for which an equitable adjustment is inorder , you are to advise the Contracting Officer of the particular technical or contractual requirements regarded as changed , and take no action with regard to such changed requirements until notified in writing of the Contracting Officer’s response.

Point of Contact for further information is Mr. Dale Hirschman, Technical Director, 757-400-0020,dale.hirschman@navy. mil.

Dale Hirschman

Distribution: SSRAC E-Mail

PSSRA Associate Member:

Polygon Group

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