QESH Meeting Minutes– February 14th 2017

Quality Environmental Safety and Health Management Board (QESH)

Minutes of 14 February 2017


1. Meeting called to order by Co-Chairs Jordan Brown at 1300 and Tim Brorson, PSNS&IMF C132.

2. Reviewed meeting minutes from 10 January 2017. A motion was made and seconded to accept minutes as written. Minutes were accepted by unanimous assent.

3. Group discussed;

a. Local Standard Items (LSI) change recommendations. It was determined that further discussion was needed regarding 099-01NW paragraph 3.19.4. Tim provided discussion on government’s response. Also discussed 099-04NW, paragraph

b. Jordan discussed CNRMC Teleconference held 7 February 2017.

c. Hot work / Cold Work permit standardization discussion was held with several committee members providing comment. It was decided that this issue be tabled and no further discussion required. PSSRA QESH will not move forward with development of Standardized Hot Work / Cold Work Permit. Members voted and approved motion.

4. Action items as a result of working group;

a. List of attendees provided as attachment.

b. Review outstanding LSI issues.

5. Meeting was adjourned at 1330.


3/14/17 – 1300: QESH Meeting at NASSCO-Bremerton. 423 Pacific Ave, Suite 200.


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