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Naval Coatings, Inc. is a ship painting company that was founded in 1969 by ship painters who discovered ways of preserving ships more efficiently and effectively. We are a disabled veteran, family owned business that has morphed into an extended family of dedicated and professional ship preservation experts. Whether exterior hull surfaces, topside equipment, or interior spaces, NCI’s team of skilled paint technicians is committed to keeping America’s Navy “Fit to Fight” …and to bring the same enthusiasm and expertise to whatever project you might have in mind!

Our Mission at Naval Coating Inc. is to provide the best possible service to all of our customers. We are a resource of experience, integrity and quality. We strive to fully meet all requirements under budget and ahead of schedules. We support the US Navy through the preservation of their ships and are experienced in performing surface preparation and coating operations. We support our Industry customers by working with them to define their needs and to make their vision for their diverse projects a reality. We are continually looking ahead for opportunities to grow through the improvement of our management system, processes, and procedures. We are dedicated in meeting the requirements of our customers through establishing quality objectives and the implementation of ISO 9001, SI 009-04, SSPC, and all other Industry requirements. We are continually seeking to decrease cost while adding value for our customers. Our company is dedicated to the safety of our teammates and demonstrates this through training and promoting a culture where safety is everyone’s responsibility. Together we all succeed.

Our primary customer historically has been the warships of the United States Navy. Our tireless technicians blast, clean, preserve and apply specialized protective coatings to the entire exterior hull of these mighty ships, as well as cleaning and coating all exposed topside equipment, structures, and fittings. This requires the use of many specialized coatings and paints to maintain the operating condition of sensitive radars and other sensors and to maintain the ship’s “Stealth” characteristics. Additionally, NCI’s dedicated staff will completely paint and preserve all manner of interior spaces within the hull of these warships, ranging from engineering spaces to the crew’s living quarters and messing facilities. We can also support the needs of any industrial or commercial customer, brining this same expertise and commitment to whatever your project is, no matter how big or how small – when you see Navy Blue and Gold on site, you know the job is being done RIGHT!

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