QESH Meeting Minutes– October 2017

Quality Environmental Safety and Health Management Board (QESH)

Minutes of 10 October 2017 

Details (action items in bold)

  1. Meeting called to order by JD Brown at 1300.
  2. Reviewed QESH meeting minutes from 13 June 2017. Members approved minutes as written.
  3. Group discussed:
    1. Email from Robert Dearing (NASSCO ESH Manager) regarding FY-19 changes to 009-07, paragraph 3.10.3 which requires ESH Inspectors to have received OSHA 5410, and OSHA 3095 Electrical Standards training.       It is anticipated that this standard item will be invoked for the upcoming STENNIS CMAV in December.  He is seeking industry feedback on numbers of personnel requiring the training.  He is looking to set up a PSSRA training event and be able to offer reduced course rates through volume enrollment.  Request feedback NLT 10/16/17.
    2. Paul Blalock (IMIA) briefed a pilot CHIMI program he is working with C106. Under the pilot, they are issued a CHIMI number for each project.  The CHIMI can then have line items added or deleted without having to generate a new CHIMI.  The project CHIMI can also be used by all IMIA sub-contractors.  The pilot team is still looking to eliminate SDS numbers from the CHIMI.  More to follow at the next meeting.
    3. JD discussed the standard item review undertaken by the Virginia Ship Repair Association and provided to CNRMC. He asked if PSSRA had provided any input to this review process.  Dave Jack stated that they had and promised to provide PSSRA input information to the committee prior to the next QESH meeting.
    4. Monthly CNRMC / Industry Teleconference Brief. No one present at the meeting called in for the monthly teleconference.
    5. JD discussed getting a working group together for an Industry Day event to be held in January of February of next year.       He asked all committee members to bring ideas for the Industry Day to the next meeting.  Dave Jack is to check with C400 and see if there is any interest from the government in participating in the event.
    6. JD recommended that everyone review 2017 QESH goals and be ready to discuss any changes for 2018 at the next meeting.
    7. Paul Blalock discussed a POC from CINTAS who is able to come into PSNS&IMF and perform flammable locker certifications.       The POC is James Alemeda 360-917-6120.


  1. Action items as a result of working group;
    1. All members provide inputs to Robert Dearing regarding ESH Inspector training needs by 10/16/17.
    2. Dave Jack to provide PSSRA inputs to VSRA for standard item reviews.
    3. All members provide Industry Day ideas/suggestions.       Dave Jack to discuss possible government participation at Industry Day with C400.
    4. All members provide 2018 QESH committee goals inputs at next meeting. 


10/17/17 – 1130: PSSRA General Membership meeting (Annual Election of Board Members).  Bremerton Inn and Suites, Kitsap Way

11/14/17 – 1300: PSSRA QESH Meeting at NASSCO-Bremerton. 423 Pacific Ave, Suite 200.

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