QESH Meeting Minutes – November 2017

Quality Environmental Safety and Health Management Board (QESH)

Minutes of 22 November 2017

Details (action items in bold)

1. Meeting called to order by Robert Dearing at 1300.

2. QESH meeting minutes from 10 October 2017 were not available for review. They will be redistributed to committee members with these minutes.

3. Group discussed:

a. Ron Hampton discussed progress update on the new CHIMI/WIS process. As discussed previously, C106 has been working with Prime Contractors IMIA and GD NASSCO on refining the hazardous waste usage approval and disposal processes. They have made good progress on the process changes. Prime contractor subs can now use the Prime’s Approved Usage List (AUL) and can submit their usage requirements for approval on the Prime’s CHIMI. This has significantly improved the processing times for these requests. The same approach is being used for the Waste Information Sheets, where by sub-contractors are able to use the Prime’s WIS sheets as well. The new process are anticipated to be in place and will be used during the upcoming NIMITZ DPIA availability.

b. Robert Dearing provided an update on the upcoming OSHA 3095 training class. Class cost will be $937.50. There are still seats available for those contractors needing a seat in the class.

c. Ron Hampton discussed update regarding PSNS&IMF efforts to develop a standardized hot work permit process. For now this process change is internal to the shipyard and should not affect contractors. Robert Dearing expressed concerns that once the changes were determined, they could be pushed out to industry requiring us to change our hot work permitting processes. He recommended that the shipyard engage with industry contractors and request inputs as to any process changes.

d. Dave Jack discussed standard item review undertaken by the Virginia Ship Repair Association and provided to CNRMC. He stated that there has been no new standard item change recommendation with the exception of 009-07 FY 19 which holds the new requirements for OSHA 5410, OSHA 3095 and SCP training for industry prime contractors. This has been further clarified with CNRMC Representative Dale Hirshman and it has been determined that this will only apply to Prime Contractors.

e. Monthly CNRMC / Industry Teleconference Brief. No one present at the meeting called in for the monthly teleconference.

f. Dave Jack a working group together for an Industry Day event to be held in February of next year. He discussed the PSSRA board event format. Basically that it would be set up as an “Industry Fair” where PSSRA members can set up displays, concurrently there will be training tracks ongoing for QA and Safety topics. PSSRA Industry Fair outline will be included as an attachment to this email when it is sent out to committee members. Date for working group meeting has not been set.

g. Recommendation that everyone review 2017 QESH goals and be ready to discuss any changes for 2018 at the next meeting remains.

4. Action items as a result of working group;

a. All members provide Industry Day ideas/suggestions. Dave Jack to discuss possible government participation at Industry Day with C400.

b. All members provide 2018 QESH committee goals inputs at next meeting.


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