QESH Meeting Minutes – May 2018

Quality Environmental Safety and Health Management Board (QESH)

Minutes of 9 May 2018


  1. Meeting called to order by JD Brown at 1300.
  2. QESH meeting minutes from 11 April 2018 were reviewed and accepted as written by committee vote.
  3. Group discussed:
    1. JD provided summary of Monthly CNRMC / Industry Teleconference
  4. Robert and Mike McKean to draft message to PSSRA member companies pertaining to VPP recertification and the importance of “all hands awareness” was not conducted due to scheduling conflicts and will be carried over to May meeting.
  5. Richard Van Doren from Metro Solutions provided discussion on prospective changes to OSHA requirements pertaining to Air Monitoring / Sampling. Discussion included requirements that may be updated for beryllium, barium, lead based chrome, etc.  Richard also provided information pertaining to Metro Solutions training opportunities.


  1. Action items as a result of working group;
  • Robert and Mike McKean to draft a message to PSSRA member companies regarding VPP recertification and the importance of “all hands awareness.”     
  • Robert to provide update on CHMI and WIS processes.

Attendees at this meeting:

JD Brown  NASSCO QA 360-337-9286  jordan.brown@nassconorfolk.com

Marion Bolte NASSCO ESH 360 277-7624 mbolte@nassconorfolk.com

David Jack  QED Systems 360-271-4153  djack@qedsysinc.com

Martin Lider PCE 360-361-6268  martin.lider@pceeverett.com

Reggie Banks PCE reginald.banks@pceeverett.com

Ben Smith IMIA 251-232-0144 bsmith@imiallc.com

Alaina Miller IMIA 251 401-2407 amillier@imiallc.com

Kathy Eiss  PACSHIP 360 900-6024 keiss@pacship.com

Christopher Brust PACSHIP 360-265-9365  cbrust@pacship.com

Mike McKean NWRMC c/132 360-340-5217 Kristofor.mckean@navy.mil

Mike O’Connell NWRMC c/132 360 340-5204 michael.o’connell1@navy.mil

Richard Van Doren  Metro Solutions 360 799-5699 rvandoren@metrosolutionsusa.com


06/13/2018 – 1300: PSSRA QESH Meeting at NASSCO-Bremerton. 423 Pacific Ave, Suite 200.

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