QESH Meeting Minutes – June 2018

Quality Environmental Safety and Health Management Board (QESH)

Minutes of 13 June 2018

 Details (action items in bold)

  1. Meeting called to order by Robert Dearing at 1300.
  2. QESH meeting minutes from 9 May 2018 were reviewed and accepted as written by committee vote.
  3. Group discussed:Monthly CNRMC / Industry Teleconference for June was cancelled. July 3rd teleconference moved to July 10th due to 4th of July holiday.
  4. NWRMC opted out of VPP program therefor there was no discussion as previously identified in last month’s action items and May meeting agenda.
  5. CHMI process discussion identified that NASSCO is looking to see if NASSCO and IMIA can create standardized format. CHMI process being uploaded direct to Master and group discussed whether c/106 could export to Excel format vice PDF. Mike McKean c/132 to check with Mr. Browning.
  6. WIS process discussion identified that there has not been much progress in making headway with process improvement which has resulted in contractors having to hold process waste a long time while awaiting approval.
  7. Next meeting to include quarterly review of QA and ESH metrics. NASSCO and code 132 to provide. Other contractors, primes, and IDIQ contract holders are also encouraged to provide.
  8. Mike McKean provided the group with summary of most recent Safety issues at NWRMC which included; Unguarded edges, fall protection, PPE, and scaffolding. Mike also provided information on OSH EDR process and discussed regulations vs contractual requirements. Group commented about GFE process (for example) and who vets the process for validation. Mike to discuss with c/106 and provide update.


  1. Action items as a result of working group
    1. NASSCO / NWRMC c/132 to provide quarterly ESH / QA metrics at next meeting.       Other contractors, primes, and IDIQ contract holders are also encouraged to provide.
    2. Robert to provide update on CHMI and WIS processes.
    3. NWRMC c/132 to provide update on whether Master CHMI could be provided via Excel format vice PDF and also to provide update on item f above.

Attendees at this meeting:

Robert Dearing NASSCO 360-801-8439 rdearing@nassconorfolk.com

JD Brown NASSCO QA 360-337-9286 jordan.brown@nassconorfolk.com

Marion Bolte NASSCO ESH 360 277-7624 mbolte@nassconorfolk.com

Martin Lider PCE 360-361-6268 martin.lider@pceeverett.com

Steve Armstrong PCE 425 754-4658 Steve.Armstrong@pceeverett.com

Ben Smith IMIA 251-232-0144 bsmith@imiallc.com

Paul Blalock IMIA  619 841-6900 pblalock@imiallc.com

Kathy Eiss PACSHIP 360 900-6024 keiss@pacship.com

Christopher Brust PACSHIP 360-265-9365 cbrust@pacship.com

Mike McKean  NWRMC c/132  360-340-5217 Kristofor.mckean@navy.mil

Richard Van Doren Metro Solutions 360 799-5699 rvandoren@metrosolutionsusa.com

Naomi Carrier QED Systems 360-340-7716 ncarrier@qedsysinc.com

Mark Kipps HII 360-340-2387 mark.kipps@hii-tsd.com 

UPCOMING MEETINGS / EVENTS  07/11/2018 – 1300: PSSRA QESH Meeting at NASSCO-Bremerton. 423 Pacific Ave, Suite 200.

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