QESH Meeting Minutes – June 2020

QESH Meeting Minutes

Date and time of meeting:  1:00 PM June 24th, 2020

Place of Meeting: Phone Bridge

Bridge Line Call-In Number: 415.655.0001, Participate Pass Code: 133 581 8337

In Attendance: Chris Daskam, HII-TSD, Dave Jack, QED, Webster King, HII-TSD, Mary Vega, QED, Eric Wilmarth , PSNS Ships Safety C304, Mike McKean,  PSNS C132, Mark Brown, PSNS C132


  • New ESOMS program to be implemented on USS Roosevelt.
    • Impact to contractors without CACs is yet unknown
    • Mike will reach out again for information and share with PSSRA when received.
  • Regional Qualification procedures between SW and NW being accepted.
    • C/132 doesn’t know of any issues at this time, would like to reach out to PSSRA and see if there are specific concerns to be addressed
  • COVID 19 impacts to contractors:
    • Would like to reach out to PSSRA for specific issues that need to be addressed.
    • No new changes expected to the COVID 19 requirements at PSNS in the near future.
  • Ship yard training power point presentation:
    • PSNS will provide a copy of the presentation/shipyard training to PSSRA to post on website.
      • Training is standalone training.
  • Current Hot work issues.
    • A 4-5 Power point presentation will be provide to PSSRA to post on website.
    • Current issues of concern are Fire Watches and a Fire that occurred in Hawaii on 6/23 due to fire watch
    • No other Hot work issues to note.

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