QESH Meeting Minutes – January 2018

Quality Environmental Safety and Health Management Board (QESH)

Minutes of 10 January 2018

Details (action items in bold)

1. Meeting called to order by Robert Dearing at 1300.

2. QESH meeting minutes from December 2018 were reviewed and accepted as written by committee vote.

3. Group discussed:

a. Industry Fair Working Group – Dave Jack provided update and outline for conducting.

b. Monthly CNRMC / Industry Teleconference Brief from 9 January agenda.

c. CHMI process rollout, beta program, and NIMITZ 0018 implementation was provided by Ron Hampton PSNS Code 106. Ron also introduced Joseph Maute and Rachelle Silvernale as his replacements for CVN MSMO.

d. 2018 QESH goals discussed. / approved which include;

i. Member Companies, NWRMC to provide Quarterly Trends / Lessons Learned / Trouble Reports pertaining to QA and ESH.

ii. Continue refining CHMI process and Authorized Users List (AUL).

iii. Establish Industry Day Planning Schedule.

e. Revised / approved new date for monthly meeting to deconflict w/ CNRMC Teleconference. QESH monthly meetings will be held second Wednesday each month. Updated meeting invite submitted to all members.

4. Action items as a result of working group;

a. Finalize action items within Industry Days Working Group. Dave Jack.

b. JD / Robert to invite Mike McKean to future QESH meetings (invite extended and accepted).

Attendees at this meeting:

Robert Dearing NASSCO 360-801-8439 rdearing@nassconorfolk.com

JD Brown NASSCO 360-337-9286 jordan.brown@nassconorfolk.com

Ben Smith IMIA LLC 251-232-0144 bsmith@imiallc.com

Naomi Carrier QED Systems 360-340-7716 ncarrier@qedsysinc.com

Webster King HII 360-405-5115 webster.king@hii-tsd.com

John Garner NASSCO 360-471-1314 jgarner@nassconorfolk.com

Richard Van Doren Metropolitan Solutions 360-799-5699 rvandoren@metrosolutions.com

Ron Hampton PSNS c/106 360-304-2933 ronald.hampton2@navy.mil

Joseph Maute PSNS c/106 360-340-1683 joseph.maute@navy.mil

Rachelle Silvernale PSNS c/106 360-340-5755 rachelle.silvernale@navy.mil

Mark Kipps HII 360-405-5108 Mark.kipps@hii-tsd.com

Marion Bolte NASSCO 360-277-7624 mbolte@nassconorfolk.com

David Jack QED Systems 360-271-4153 djack@qedsysinc.com


02/14/18 – 1300: PSSRA QESH Meeting at NASSCO-Bremerton. 423 Pacific Ave, Suite 200.

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