QESH Meeting Minutes – February 2018

Quality Environmental Safety and Health Management Board (QESH)

Minutes of 14 of February, 2018

Details (action items in bold)

  1. Meeting called to order by Co-Chair Robert Dearing at 1300.
  2. Reviewed QESH meeting minutes from January 10, 2018.       Members approved minutes as written.
  3. Group discussed;
    1. Upcoming Industry day was discussed for final arrangements and commitments. Dave Jack led the discussion on the plan for the day.
    2. Mark Kipps provided the monthly CNRMC update:
      1. The drive is to eliminate or consolidate redundant NSI.
      2. Port wide hot work ticket was discussed again.
    1. New C/132 Department Head introduced. Mr. McKean provided his background and is looking forward to working with the group.
    2. List of attendees provided as attachment.


3/14/2016 – 1300: QESH Monthly Meeting.

NASSCO 423 Pacific Ave, Suite 200 Bremerton WA, 98337

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