QESH Meeting Minutes – December 2017

Quality Environmental Safety and Health Management Board (QESH)

Minutes of 12 December 2017

Details (action items in bold)

1. Meeting called to order by Robert Dearing at 1300.

2. QESH meeting minutes from 10 October 2017 and 22 November 2017 were reviewed and accepted as written by committee vote.

3. Group discussed: The group discussed the development of a port standardized hot work permit. As discussed in the previous month, industry is awaiting a chance to review the new permit and it’s applicability to them.Monthly CNRMC / Industry Teleconference Brief was in progress during this meeting.

Dave Jack established a working group for the Industry Day event to be held in February of next year. He discussed the PSSRA board event format. Basically that it would be set up as an “Industry Fair” where PSSRA members can set up displays, concurrently there will be training tracks ongoing for QA and Safety topics. PSSRA Industry Fair outline was reviewed. Date for working group meeting has not been set. Members are: Dave Jack, Naomi Carrier, Marion Bolte, Robert Dearing

Recommendation that everyone review 2017 QESH goals and be ready to discuss any changes for 2018 at the next meeting remains. JD recommended maintaining 2017 goals.

4. Action items as a result of working group;

a. Working group to establish meeting dates.

b. All members provide 2018 QESH committee goals inputs at next meeting.

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