NAVSEA Extension for Competent Person Refresher

From: Director, NAVSEA Standard Specification for Ship Repair and Alteration Committee (SSRAC)


1. NAVSEA Standard Item 009-07 paragraph 3.1.2 “Provide initial and annual update training for Competent Persons by utilizing a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Certified Marine Chemist or NFPA Instructor. The length of the initial training class must be at least 24 hours. Annual update training must be at least 8 hours.” Due to social distancing requirements in effect to combat the spread of COVID-19 SCP whose training expires between 1 March 20 and 31 July 20 are granted a 90 day extension for completing the refresher training requirement.

2. SSRAC and RMC Coordinators are responsible for advising users within their command of this notice. Code 400 Contracts Department is responsible for advising Master Ship Repair (MSR) Contractors and Agreement for Boat Repair (ABR) Contractors under their cognizance of the availability of these products.

3. The requirements of this letter do not authorize any change in terms, conditions, delivery schedule, price, or amount of any Government contract. In the event you consider the requirements represent a change for which an equitable adjustment is in order, you are to advise the Contracting Officer of the particular technical or contractual requirements regarded as changed, and take no action with regard to such changed requirements until notified in writing of the Contracting Officer’s response.

4. Point of Contact for further information is Mr. Aaron Simmons, Technical Director, 757-400- 0020,

James A. Simmons

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