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Trident Maritime Systems

2011 Crystal Drive Suite 1102

Arlington VA 22202

Work Phone: (703) 236-1599


Membership Level: ABR Membership ($1000)

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In the world of shipbuilding, repair and modernization, there’s no time to lose. Every decision and every choice must add value, reduce costs and save time. Throughout our process — on every project, from design and engineering to testing and installation — our expert teams look ahead to the next step. How can we be most efficient? How can we trim installation time? What’s the most cost-effective way to design, manufacture or install a specific solution or system?
Whether we are working with cruise, military, energy or commercial customers, at Trident, your job is always our priority. We are always seeking ways to save time, lower costs, increase quality, and meet turnaround time — every time.

For well over three decades, Trident has been a go-to resource for turnkey ship repair, conversions and maintenance services. Known for our quality performance and capabilities in diverse trades, we are a one-stop resource for surface ships and submarines, with specialties in general repair, refrigeration, HVAC, automation, switchboard and electric power distribution repair and maintenance.

For work on U.S. Navy and other military ships, we maintain company and personnel security clearances required for work in secure spaces on surface ships and submarines. We are a secret-cleared facility with cleared personnel. The highly technical nature of our work demands specific expertise, so we hold numerous technical certifications including 30 approved welding procedures.