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Seattle Tarp Company

18449 Cascade Ave S

Seattle WA 98188

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Celebrating 40 Years in the Commercial Tarp and Spill Containment Business!
Seattle Tarp Company was founded on January 19, 1976 by entrepreneur Robert “Porky” Perlatti, and has remained in the Perlatti family ever since.

The small, family-owned wholesale and retail company started by providing the trucking industry with vinyl tarps, straps and quick repair services. They also provided custom accommodations to the local community. Business expanded to accommodate other markets such as shipping, fishing, aerospace and the construction industries

In addition to being a part of these various enterprises, STC is nationally recognized for excellence in the spill containment industry. They offer a wide variety of containment berms, some of which were the first ever created.

STC also holds seven patents on products including the Hydroponic System, Rainwater Storage Pool, and variations of the Iso‐Chamber, a product designed to contain bio-hazardous patients in a medical setting. We have become a fast and reliable supplier and staple in the local, nationwide and international communities. As we continue to branch out into new fields, we continue to grow a business that Porky can watch over proudly. Stay tuned for more exciting endeavors to come!