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ASI Services Inc.

5883 State Highway 303 Northeast

Bremerton WA 92154

Work Phone: (619) 474-2600


Membership Level: Associate Member ($500)

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ASI Services headquarters, incorporated in 2011, is located in San Diego, California. Since its inception, ASI has provided exemplary workmanship in the marine, industrial, and commercial industries. Focusing on quality and safety over quantity and profit, ASI has established itself as a premiere contractor and employer. Capable of delivering an exceptional product to the customer, on time and on budget, ASI has become the preferred contractor by Port Engineers and Government Contractors alike. From our offices in San Diego CA and Bremerton WA, ASI mobilizes assets to multiple cities across the globe, providing the same consistent service worldwide.

In 2015, with a fully developed work force, ASI Services branched out into the Industrial space. Offering the same services that were currently being accomplished on maritime vessels, ASI opened an Industrial Services Department focusing on Offshore Rigs, Correctional Facilities and large schools.

Since its inception in 2011, ASI Services has established itself as the preeminent support services contractor on the West Coast. While maintaining multiple departments under the corporation, ASI has been able to provide the Government and Prime Contractors the ability to use one contractor for multiple trades, thereby decreasing administrative and management costs, and increasing profit margins.