1. The purpose of this Promulgation Letter is to issue Change Two (CH-2} to the FY-17 NAVSEA Standard Items (NSl’s).
  2. The following NSI updates are included in the change:
  • 009-07  Confined Space Entry, Certification, Fire Prevention and housekeeping; accomplish
  • 009-08 Shipboard Fire Protection and Fire Prevention; accomplish
  • 009-28 Fire Prevention;accomplish (Deleted)
  • 009-34 – Fire Protection of Unmanned Vessel at Contractor Facility; accomplish
  • 009-35 – Confined Space Entry, Certifications, Fire Prevention Utilizing Military Fire Watches ,and Housekeeping;accomplish (Deleted)
  • 009-70  Confined Space Entry, Certification, Fire Protection, Fire Prevention and Housekeeping for Unmanned Vessels; accomplish
  • 009-74  Occupational,Safety and Health Plan; accomplish

Consolidation of the above NSlS is in direct support of Industry’s and TYCOM’s request to standardize  and strengthen our Ships fire prevention, protection efforts, and to incorporate the Industrial Ship Safety Manual for Fire Prevention and Response: NAVSEA Technical Publication SOSO-AC-CCM-010/8010 .

  1. The revised Standard Items updates are available on the SSRAC website: mil/Home/RMC/CNRMC/Our Programs/SSRAC.aspx
  2. The changes to FY-17 NSl’s are effective for availabilities in which FY-17 standard Items are i FY-17 availabilities that are not in the execution phase shall be re-planned to incorporate FY-17 CH2 NSl’s. Incorporation of this change into Availabilities in Execution Phase is at the discretion of the Naval Supervisory Authority (NSA). FY-17 CH2 NSlS are to supersede all related CSWTs, SWTs, and LWTs.
  3. RMC SSRAC Coordinators are responsible for advising users within their respective activities, Master Ship Repair (MSR) Contractors and Agreement For Boat Repair (ABR) Contractors under their cognizance of the availability of these
  4. The requirements of this letter may authorize a change in terms, conditions, delivery schedule, price, or amount of any existing Government In the event you consider the requirements represent a change for which an equitable adjustment is in order, you are to advise the Contracting Officer of the particular technical or contractual requirements regarded as changed, and take no action with regard to such changed requirements until notified in writing of the contracting Officer’s response.
  5. Point of Contact for further informationis Mr. Dale Hirschman.

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