Our Journey

Puget Sound Ship Repair Association (PSSRA) is a unified public/private partnership focused on the repair and modernization of Navy ships. We serve the needs of our members and the ship repair industry in the region by addressing issues, challenges, and opportunities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers by providing high-quality repair and modernization services to Navy ships. We aim to be the proactive voice and single point of communication for the ship repair industry in the region. Additionally, we strive to strengthen our partnership with customers, provide valuable information and education, and actively engage in industry-related events and collaborations.

Our Core Values

Excellence: We are committed to delivering exceptional ship repair services that meet the highest standards of quality.
Collaboration: We foster collaboration with our members, customers, and industry stakeholders to address challenges and seize opportunities.
Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards in our operations and interactions with customers and stakeholders.

Our Approach

We follow a strategic approach to effectively serve our clients in the ship repair industry.

Develop Prioritized Plans

We work with our members and customers to develop clear priorities and action plans that focus our efforts on addressing industry challenges and opportunities.

Build Strong Partnerships

We actively collaborate with other ports and ship repair associations to create a unified front and maximize our impact on industry issues.

Proactive Engagement

We actively participate in customer-sponsored events, teams, committees, and meetings to ensure our association is a proactive voice advocating for the ship repair industry.

Ready to Join PSSRA and strengthen the ship repair industry?

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