QESH Meeting Minutes– April 12th 2016

Quality Environmental Safety and Health Management Board (QESH)

Minutes of 12 April 2016 

Details (action items in bold)

  1. Meeting called to order by Co-Chairs Tim Brorson, JD Brown, and Robert Dearing at 1300.
  2. Reviewed QESH meeting minutes from 8 March 2016. Members approved minutes as written.
  3. Group discussed;
    1. Standard Template for CHT entry was developed by Steve Armstrong. Copy is attached for member review. Request members provide feedback NLT 4/26/16.
    2. Industry Day planning schedule and events. Industry Day moved to 5/19/16 (vice 5/17/16).  Reviewed schedule of events and confirmed that c/242 will participate with ILS presentation to be jointly presented w/ AMSEC.  Keynote speaker (potential) Kevin Taylor – Director of Corporate and Business Operations.
    3. Hot work / Cold Work permit standardization.       Robert recommended that committee pursue providing standardized HW/CW permit.  Committee agreed.  Sample used by VSRA provided as attachment.
    4. Weld / NDT KSN. NWRMC. Meeting scheduled for 28 April 2016.  Meeting will be at NASSCO Pier Delta Conference Room – 1300. Request members provide recommended topics NLT 4/22/16.
    5. 2016 Goals were reviewed and approved by committee.       Goals will be posted to QESH website.
    6. Monthly CNRMC Teleconference Brief. Group discussed topics from April 5, 2016 teleconference which included; (see attached)
      1. Rapid Gate Update
      2. 2016 SSRAC 01-05 August at VASCIC Newport News, Virginia
      3. Navy Industrial Panel Discussion
      4. Training and certification requirements for 009-123 Fiber Optics
      5. ESR Pilot program
    1. Action items as a result of working group;
      1. PCP template for CHT entry provided as attachment. Request members provide feedback NLT 4/26/16.
      2. Hot Work / Cold Work Permit (template attached).       PAI Training (template attached).
      3. Weld / NDT KSN – Request members provide recommended topics NLT 4/22/16.
      4. Monthly CNRMC Telecon Agenda provided as attachment.
      5. List of attendees provided as attachment.


4/28/2016 – 1300: Weld / NDT KSN – NASSCO Delta Conference Room – Request members provide recommended topics NLT 4/22/16.

5/10/2016 – 1300: Monthly QESH Committee meeting.  NASSCO – Pacific Avenue Conference Room

5/19/2016 – 0730 to 1400: Industry Day

PSSRA Associate Member:

Millican Crane Services

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