Bill Demmon

Bill Demmon attended the University  of Colorado receiving his BA in Biology/Math as well as attending the University of Denver receiving his MS in Systems Management. Bill was in the US Navy from 1971 – 1991 and is proficient in COMNAVAIRLANT (ENG/Ship Maint) & COMSTRIKFORSOUTH (NATO). Bill has worked at the following company’s, Pacific Habitability Contractors as an Operations Manager. Previously he worked at Todd Shipyards/Vigor […]

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Seattle Realty, Inc.

Seattle Realty Inc. was started in the early 1900s and then bought by Carl A. Olson in 1924. The office was in the famous White-Henry-Stuart Building at 4th and Union. Seattle Realty Inc. is now a small but active force in the Puget Sound area handling mostly commercial transactions but able and willing to work […]

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