NOTICE TO PSSRA MEMBERS. Please take the time to read this message as it contains important information regarding upcoming procurements, security and base access and regional workload.

A meeting was held between C400 and representatives of the PSSRA Board of Directors on 1/19. Following are minutes taken from that meeting:
Pete Schupp C400
Dwin Crow Contracting Officer
Dave Johnson Business Manager

Dave Jack President
Mark Kipps BOD
Adam Beck BOD
Greg Bryant Secretary

• Pete Schupp informed the group that VADM Hilarides, Commander Naval Sea Systems Command (COMNAVSEA) will be visiting PSNS & IMF this Thursday 1/21 and that C400 was being allowed time to give a short briefing.
• Dave Jack stressed that PSSRA priority concern is the lack of sustaining CVN workload in 2016. He pointed out that there is a current projected zero CVN workload period from March – September.
• Dave Jack requested that Dwin Crow look at moving any available district craft work into this workload valley if possible. Dwin replied that his people were looking at this and would do what they can.
• Dwin Crow reported that his organization is close to signing out an instruction for the “contracting process” for district craft. Basically this instruction will define three basic contracting strategies based upon a number of factors. The first will be the size of the vessel. Some vessels are too large to haul out at most ship repair yards in the region. For these vessels, the RFP will be full and open and sent out to those companies with facilities capable of dry docking them. The second category are for those vessels which are typically maintained by companies under the current general ship repair MAC contract and due to the nature of the work require Navy Standard Item and Military Specifications compliance. RFPs for these vessels will continue to be sent out under the GSR MAC. The third category will be for those vessels which can be performed by the majority of ship repair yards in the region but due to the nature of the work will be worked under ABS, or commercial standards. These RFPs will be sent out to GSR MAC companies as well as other ship repair yards capable of performing the work required.
• Several months ago the Navy briefed at our monthly luncheon that access procedures for the controlled industrial area (CIA) would be changing. The new process would involve enrollment of contractor’s NCAC (RapdGate) badges into the new system. Pete Schupp and Dave Johnson briefed the group that the enrollment period for NCAC badges for contractor personnel will not occur until next month at the soonest. Pete stated that the C400 Security Manger, Dan Cooper will be providing additional information regarding this. Dave Johnson reminded the group that all turnstile gates now require entry of a PIN number for access. Pete Schupp informed the group that PSNS&IMF will be installing additional turnstiles to help improve the flow of personnel into the Controlled Industrial Area (CIA).
• Dwin Crow announced that the target date for release of the USS GRIDLEY DDG 101 Dry Docking/Selected Restricted Availability RFP is January 28th. In addition, he commented that the work package will include the installation of the hybrid electrical drive system (to be installed by an Alteration Installation Team (AIT)) and that the award selection criteria for the proposal has been changed from Lowest Price/Technically Acceptable (LPTA), to Best Value (BV).

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