Meeting – May 2014

At our meeting on May 20th we had the pleasure of hearing from Kristiné Reeves from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness. Kristiné is the Director of the Military and Defense Sector. From the office’s web site:

post_maymeeting2014Washington State Military and Defense Industry

Governor Inslee’s top priority is to create an economic climate where innovation and entrepreneurship can continue to thrive and create good-paying jobs in every corner of our state. The Military and Defense sector, as Washington’s second largest direct public employer, just behind the State itself, and a key industry that cuts across many sectors in Washington, helps create the backbone for a strong economy through our diverse defense missions and military installations, our pioneering companies, and our military friendly communities.

How do we define Washington State’s military and defense sector:

  • Infrastructure (Missions, Installations & Workforce)
  • Industry (Suppliers & Contractors)
  • Partnerships (Public, Private & Social Organizations)

Impacts of Washington State’s military installations and defense related assets:

As the second largest public employer in Washington employing nearly 136,000 active duty, reserve, guard and civilian personnel, home to over 670,000 veterans including 75,000 retirees and nearly 91,000 military families; Washington’s military and defense community supports over $14 billion dollars in annual procurement supported by over 1,000 businesses across the state, representing nearly 4% of the state’s GDP.

What’s next for Washington State’s military and defense sector:

Top 3 Items to Focus on in 2014

  • Coalesce the Sector (by three primary sub-groups)
  • Communicate the Sector (in-state/out-of-state)
  • Address challenges and opportunities for growth with focus on base realignment and closure (BRAC)
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