General Membership Meeting – April 2013

Speaker Frank Perniola Bio

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York; joined the USCG in ’79 and retired in ’01 at the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer (Machinery Technician). Hired in with SUPSHIP Puget Sound in 2001 as a Shipbuilding Specialist on the AOE Program and was promoted to Project Manager in 2003 in support of the AOE and Combatant Program. Became the CVN Program Manager for PSNS Code 400 late in 2004 and has worked very closely with local Contractor team members and PSNS&IMF becoming the private sector CVN go-to-guy and local NWRMC Carrier Team One representative; staunch promoter of teaming, fostering relationships and process improvement. Happily married for 25 years (Beverly) with 3 adult sons (Shaun, Nick, and Zach) and has recently become an official “empty-nester”!

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Frank Perniola discussed the upcoming Stennis work package.


The brief can be downloaded in our “Latest Downloads” section.

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