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Work 2011 Crystal Drive Suite 1102 Arlington VA 22202 Work Phone: (703) 236 1599 Website: Trident Maritime Systems
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In the world of shipbuilding, repair and modernization, there’s no time to lose. Every decision and every choice must add value, reduce costs and save time. Throughout our process — on every project, from design and engineering to testing and installation — their expert teams look ahead to the next step. How can they be most efficient? How can they trim installation time? What’s the most cost-effective way to design, manufacture or install a specific solution or system?

Whether they are working with cruisemilitaryenergy or commercial customers, at Trident, your job is always their priority. They are always seeking ways to save time, lower costs, increase quality, and meet turnaround time — every time.


At Trident Maritime Systems, they are dedicated to program excellence — and to promoting your long-term success. With a century of experience delivering complex, integrated maritime solutions, they are proud to support the performance and business goals of our customers around the world.

They are dedicated to making your work faster, cleaner, stronger, safer and smoother.

They do things right the first time! The first time, and every time. With Trident as your partner, you have a proven resource to solve your advanced maritime engineering, manufacturing, installation and testing challenges.

No other company has as much experience on nearly every vessel or platform, from bow to stern, bridge to engine room. Our expertise and proficiency enhance every job.

They work fast for their customers, time is money. That’s why we use sophisticated program management tools to reduce cycle time and keep every job on schedule. They do whatever it takes to get the work done because at Trident, late is not an option.

They are certified in the ISO-9001and works in compliance with all marine and offshore and regulatory bodies. Our engineering team and lab personnel also participate in a myriad of technical and testing organizations.

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