Member Spotlight – Balancing Service Co.

Contact Info:

Phone: (206) 763-1260
or (800) 929-2108

FAX: (206) 763-6276

5512 Sixth Avenue South
PO Box 80952
Seattle, WA 98108



Providing Machinery Solutions Since 1946!

Throughout the world, we help clients face the challenges of machinery problems, shrinking maintenance staffs and reduced maintenance budgets. Technology and experience. That is how we solve these problems. From complete vibration analysis of pumps, motors and fans to precision balancing and shaft alignment services, we have a solution that will give you “peace of mind.”

Company History

For more than 60 years, BSC has served its clients throughout the world by helping them overcome challenging machinery problems, reduced budgets, and shrinking maintenance staffs. Maximum productivity and quality mechanical operations require your equipment to meet ever-tightening tolerances. We have the manpower and experience to respond quickly to our customer’s needs. Our nationally certified staff reduces job time and increases quality and productivity.

Mission Statement

We are in the machinery information business. We provide this information through technology and experience. We provide recommendations for solutions to mechanical problems. We have a constancy of manpower and experience to respond quickly to our customer’s needs. We are capable of applying several technologies to solve our customer’s problems. We follow these problems to resolution quickly, providing our customers “Peace of Mind.”

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